I am a 32 years old male suffering from Diabetes Type 2 because of my overweight, Today i have taken up a diet plan which has proved to cure metabolism related issue by means of food.

Keep watching this space for as i update my improvement day by day.

7. Day (07/27/2017)-187.6 lbs

26th was a free day and i was allowed to have whatever i want in limited quantity 

300 gms is still good

6. Day (07/25/2017)-188.9 lbs

No changes today either

5. Day (07/24/2017)-188.9 lbs

Not so great results today but there is no increment on the negative side

4. Day 4(07/23/2017)-188.9 lbs

Yet another day with a good results. Hope the trend continues.

3. Day 3 (07/22/2017)-189.8 lbs

Today i will says it was a very fruitful day as my weight has gone down by 4 lbs just by diet and my fasting sugar level was 94 .

Felling Happy :)

2. Day 2 (07/21/2017)-194.6lbs

I haven't seen any changes in my weight but I have skipped my morning meds and my post paradinal is 107. 

1. Day-1 (07/20/2107)-194.6lbs

After thinking over a long time i have finally realized that the heath is wealth. hence have started on diet to reverse my diabetes. Do follow my blog to track my progress. 

As of today,

Weight : 194.6 lbs

Height: 168 cms

HbA1c:  6.2

Fasting Sugar Level -124

Since i have started on this i am having too many trips to the restroom and feeling full most of the time. I think this is probably a result of change in metabolism.

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