We all know that Movie Actors make tons of cash in movies, endorsements and many other such things. But do we have any idea how much have they made so far. The below is the list of Top 10 Actors with highest salaries in 2017.

10. Akshay Kumar ($31.5 million)

Akshay Kumar ($31.5 million)

Akshay Kumar (Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia) is an india-born actor who works in Bollywoood movies. He is an editor, producer and a martial artist, Akshay has appeared in over a hundred Hindi movies. He is also a stunt actor and ofter called as "Indian Jackie Chan" for doing his stunts on his own. Box office India considers kumar as one of the most successful actors in the history on Indian cinema, Akshay kumar has won many awards for his performance and recently for his acting in movie 'Rustom'.

9. Robert Downey Jr. ($33 million)

Robert Downey Jr. ($33 million)

We know him well by the name of 'Tony Stark' from movies "Ironman" and "Avenger". It wasnt easy for Robert to have reached this unfathomable stardom without being tested, Robert was once was a drug addict and was arrested couple of times for the same reason. Robert fought his ways out of this with block busters like "Tropic Thunder","Ironman Series", "Avenger Series" and "Sherlock Holmes" which catapult his career to new heights.

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